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O akci „Prague Castle - SELF GUIDED WALKING TOUR“

We recommend purchasing one quest tour for 1–3 people. Fixed price of a quest tour regardless of the number of participants. All you need is a mobile phone. Internet access is not required.
Anyone can offend the king, but see if you can make him useful! Fun is fun, but one of the most cruel and inglorious kings of Czechia – Sigismund I king of the Luxembourg dynasty – decided to settle on the Czech throne again. What to do if this news fell out of the blue right in the middle of a regular tour around Prague Castle on the shoulders of a young woman, a tour guide? Only you, guests of the city, can help her, and the whole Czech people. After all, only a group of friends can find a mysterious manuscript that expels kings from the Czechia! Prague Castle is the true heart of the city. In ancient times, this high hill was chosen by kings who built a real fortress here! You will feel the real spirit of the royal courts, walk by the most beautiful ceremonial gate, learn the history of palaces and monuments, as well as the fate of people whose hearts were once broken in these endless halls. And of course, the pearl of Prague Castle awaits you – the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral!
Brand new tour format
  • 1). A unique format that combines tour with game elements. Interesting questions and assignments
  • 2). Full-fledged historical tours
  • 3).Our tours are completely autonomous. Only you choose when to do it. You can start anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! You can take the purchased quest tour at any time convenient for you, it’s valid for 1 year. After starting the tour you will have 5 days to complete it.
  • 4). No strangers, only people you know
  • 5). Take it at any time that is convenient for you
  • 6). A comfortable pace. You can take a break whenever you want
  • 7). You walk around the city on your own and do not depend on anyone, your phone will be your personal guide. No internet required!
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Major Attractions

  1. – Powder Bridge
  2. – Chapel of the Holy Cross
  3. – Giants’ Gate
  4. – St. Vitus Cathedral
  5. – Old Provostship
  6. – Old Royal Palace
  7. – Vladislav Hall
  8. – St. George’s Basilica
  9. – Rosenberg Palace
  10. – Golden Lane (free after 18.00)

Meeting time / duration

Start at any time that is convenient for you. / 2,5 hours

The starting point of the route There’s a tram stop right by Prague Castle (which has the same name – Pražský hrad), you can take tram number 22 or 23. Then, after you arrive, cross the road and walk along U Prašného mostu street. If you see a beautiful cathedral in front of you, it means that you are on the right track. There will be a checkpoint in front of the Powder Tower, to accommodate the modern security requirements. If there are many people wanting to go inside – and usually there’s a lot of them – you will have to stand in line.
To use the tour, it is necessary to contact the operator with the ticket code by email: / +420 773 404 182 (WhatsAPP/Viber).

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Místo konání

Prague Castle - SELF GUIDED WALKING TOUR, Pražský hrad, Praha

Pořadatel této akce: QuestinTour s.r.o. - Prohlídky Prahy, IČ: 06135803

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