Terry Farrell in Prague

Svornost Hotel, Praha
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O akci „Terry Farrell in Prague“

Let's celebrate 50 years of Star Trek together: Terry Farrell, the actress portraying Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is visiting Prague. Meet her on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at the Svornost Hotel. There will be a Q&A, photo op and autograph session.

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Standard Ticket (640 Kč until September 4, 690 Kč until September 30, 750 Kč later & at the door) – general admission to the event and Q&A with Terry Farrell.

Special Package (990 Kč until September 4, 1090 Kč until September 30, 1200 Kč later & at the door) – package includes general admission to the event, Q&A with Terry Farrell, one autograph and the photo op.

GOLD ticket (1790 Kč until September 4, 1890 Kč until September 30) – limited to 10 tickets only. Includes general admission to the event, Q&A with Terry Farrell, one regular autograph, photo op including photo printed on the day and a second autograph, priority queueing, seat in row 1. Also, a meet & greet with all GOLD ticket holders at the beginning of the event.

Autograph (250 Kč) – one autograph from Terry Farrell, including an autograph photo (approx. 8×10").

Photo Op (250 Kč) – professional photo taken with Terry Farrell (provided digitally after the event).

Místo konání

Svornost Hotel, Novozámecká 284, Praha

Pořadatel této akce: Stars In Prague, IČ: 73615153

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