Business Conditions

BOHEMIA TICKET s.r.o. based náměstí Bratří Synků 1748/17, Praha 4 (ID: 25093983) registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 48951

1.1 These terms and conditions (the „TC“) govern the mutual rights and obligations of the parties arising at the conclusion of the service contracts and contracts of sale (hereinafter referred to as „service contract“ and „contract of sale“) concluded between the trading company TICKET BOHEMIA sro (hereinafter referred to as „Provider“ or „seller“) and natural or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as „Customer“ or „Buyer“). TC also govern the rights and obligations when using the Web site provider located on the Internet at and (the „Website“) and other related legal relations.
1.2 The provisions of TC are an integral part of the service contract and the contract of sale. The service contract, the contract of sale and TC are written in the Czech language. Both agreements may also be concluded in a language other than Czech.
1.3 Text TC provider may change or supplement. This provision shall not affect the rights and obligations arising after the effective period of the previous version of TC. By saying accordance with a new version of TC client / buyer shall cease to previous TC efficiency and new versions of TC becomes an integral part of the service contract and the contract of sale.

2.1 Service means a service provider provided through the website of allowing the purchase of a ticket (s) in particular cultural, social, sporting and other events organized by third parties (the „organizer“) to the Client.
2.2 A contract of sale is a contract concluded between the organizer and the customer as also the buyer through the website or provider as also between the seller and the buyer client as also through online system or through a sales network for the sale of tickets (to ) particular cultural, social, sporting or other events. The rights and obligations of the parties under the contract of sale govern the TC organizers displayed within the website of the organizer.

3.1 Based on the customer registration on the website, the customer can access their user interface on the website or From its user interface, the customer can also buyers especially like to conclude with the organizers of the contract of sale and manage data about your person (the „User Account“).
3.2 The data referred to in the user account, the customer is in any change required to update. The data referred to in the client user account are considered correct provider and the provider is not responsible for their accuracy.
3.3 Access to the user account is secured by a username (email address) and password. The customer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access the user account and acknowledges that the provider shall not be liable for any breach of this obligation by the Client.
3.4 Provider may make it impossible to use the client user account (and services), especially if the customer breaches its obligations under the contract for the provision of services (including TC).
3.5 The Client acknowledges that the user account may not be available at all times, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software providers, or. third parties.
3.6 Provider Customer may cancel a user account, especially when ordering your user account for more than six (6) months does not use, or if the customer breaches its obligations under the contract for the provision of services (including TC).

4.1 A contract for services performed for selected client sending the data by clicking on „Pay“ (hereinafter collectively referred to as „application for registration“). The data referred to by the Client in an application for registration for the purposes of TC considered correct and the provider is not responsible for their accuracy.
4.2 Following receipt of an application for the registration of a provider to send electronic mail address for the client user account (hereinafter „the address of the client“) agreement with the conclusion of a service contract (hereinafter referred to as „acceptance“). Acceptance of delivery of the customer's service contract is concluded.
4.3 The Customer agrees that the provider may begin with the provision of services by the service contract immediately after its conclusion.
4.4 The Client acknowledges that the provider is not obliged to enter into a contract for the provision of services (refuse registration of the Client), and especially with those previously materially breached its contractual or other obligations to the provider.
4.5 The customer agrees to the use of distance communication in the conclusion of a service contract. Costs incurred by the customer using the means of distance communication in connection with the conclusion of a service contract (eg. Costs of connecting to the Internet) is paid in full to the customer himself.
4.6 The contract for services is the use of online sales system or for the purpose of concluding the contract of sale (purchase ticket / s).
4.7 The service contract shall become effective on the date of closing.
4.8 In the event that the Customer breaches any of his obligations under the contract for the provision of services (including TC) or the generally binding legal regulations, the provider of a service contract to terminate. Termination of the contract for the provision of services under this Article shall be effective upon receipt by the other Party. Unless otherwise agreed, shall terminate the contract of service of the notice of its effective date.
4.9 The customer has the right to withdraw from the provision of services.
4.10 The termination of the service contract shall not affect the rights and obligations of the contract of sale.

5.1 The customer also as Buyer acknowledges that the contract of sale is a legal right. The customer / buyer acknowledges that the provider / seller is no organizer of the event, the sale provides.

5.2 The customer / buyer acknowledges that the rights and obligations of the contract of sale formed the customer / buyer directly to the organizers, with the former also as seller assumes no liability for their performance organizer.

5.3 The contract of sale shall take effect at the time of purchase ticket (s). Process to ticket (s) to buy, is described in detail in reference or The customer / buyer is obliged to comply with the terms of payment for the purchase of a ticket (s). Method of payment for the ticket (s) to the customer / buyer chooses himself, whichever suits him most. Individual prices for the ticket (s) and their price category are listed on the website for any action.

5.4 Withdraw from the contract of sale is possible only in case of event cancellation or change of dates or event organizer.

5.5 Settlement of obligations (return ticket) arising from the contract of sale is further specified in Art. 12th

6.1 The service provider may not provide in the event that its provision prevents the problems on the client side or on the part of others. The service provider does not have to provide especially when there is a shortage of supply of electricity, data network outages, other disorders caused by third party interference or force majeure.
6.2 The Provider undertakes irregularly and in its sole discretion to take measures designed to prevent blackouts, restrictions, interruption or degradation of service. In connection with this obligation, the provider may carry out planned and unplanned outages in providing services for inspection, maintenance or replacement of hardware, respectively. setting or changing web pages, software or other computer programs.
6.3 Providing service provider may also provide through third parties.
6.4 The Customer must not allow the use of third party services.
6.5 The Customer shall not user account and use the service in a manner that would unduly restrict the use of this service provider other clients or otherwise unreasonably restrict providers.
6.6 The Customer may not use the service in use mechanisms, tools, software or procedures that have or could have a negative impact on the operation of equipment providers, Internet security and Internet users.

7.1 The rights and obligations of the parties concerning liability for defective services provider is governed by the relevant legislation. Customer rights arising from liability for defects service provider applies to Provider exclusively through contact data provider: or

8.1 Privacy purchaser who is a natural person, is provided by Act no. 101/2000 Sb., Protection of Personal Data, as amended (hereinafter the „Act on the Protection of Personal Data“).
8.2 Customer who is a natural person consents to the processing of their personal data: name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, identification number, tax identification number, information about previous orders (hereinafter collectively referred to as „personal data“) .
8.3 The customer agrees to the processing of personal data by the Provider for the purposes for which the user account for the purpose of concluding contracts for the sale and implementation of the rights and obligations associated with this contract and for the purpose of sending commercial messages and information provider.
8.4 The Client acknowledges that it is required your personal data (for registration and in your user account) correctly and truthfully and without undue delay, enter the user account of any change in personal circumstances.
8.5 Processing of personal data of the client provider may appoint a third party as a processor. Personal data will not be ordering provider without prior approval given to others, except the organizer or other persons providing the customer as the buyer also benefits.
8.6 Personal data shall be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in printed form non-automated manner.
8.7 The Customer confirms that the information is accurate and that he was advised that it is voluntarily provide personal information.
8.8 In the event that the client is assumed that the provider or processor (Art. 8.5) performs the processing of his personal data that is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life of the client or in conflict with the law, especially if the personal data are inaccurate with regard the purpose of their processing, may:
8.8.1. ask the provider or processor for explanation
8.8.2. require the provider or processor to correct the condition.
8.9 If the customer asks for information about the processing of their personal data, the provider must deliver this information. Provider has the right to provide information in accordance with the preceding sentence may request a reasonable compensation not exceeding the cost of providing the necessary information.

9.1 The customer agrees to receive information related to the services or the provider of the address of the client and agrees to receive commercial communications providers or third parties to address the client.
9.2 The customer agrees to the storage so. Cookies on his computer. Cookies are small files that serving the customer and advertisers to display within a website to recognize your computer when the client communicating with the website and the subsequent use some website features or services. If it is possible obligations of the provider of a service contract to perform, without causing store called. Cookies on the client computer, the client may consent under the first sentence of this paragraph at any time.

10.1 Client acknowledges that, without the prior written consent of the provider is not entitled to use text, graphics or other items of works protected by copyright located on the website.
10.2 The Client acknowledges that the website may not be available at all times, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software providers, or. third parties.

11.1. Unless agreed otherwise, all correspondence related to the service contract or a contract of sale must be delivered to the other Party in writing, by e-mail, in person or by postal service (selected by the sender). Client can also be delivered through a user account. In the case of delivery by email, the customer is delivered to the email address specified in his user account.
11.2. This Article (Article 11). Shall not affect the provisions of Art. 4.8 TC.

12.1 Withdraw from the contract of sale is possible only in case of cancellation or changes the place or date of action (Rule. 5.4). In other cases, a purchased admission does not return, especially on the reason that the contract for the sale of tickets is the contract for leisure and performance is provided in accordance with previously known and designated deadline. No exchange purchased tickets.
12.2 Given that provider such vendor is also the organizer of any event all obligations to the client as also the buyer arising from the event organizer.
12.3. In cases (Article. 12.1), the organizer is obliged to refund the client / buyer paid for the ticket the customer / purchaser, or its part, the payment of money to the customer / buyer experience through service as also the seller. In this case, the provider / seller pays the customer / buyer always appropriate amount no later than fourteen (14) days after it receives from the organizer, up to a maximum amount of funds provided by the organizer.
12.4 The fact, how the fee will be purchased for the canceled or changed event go back to the Client / Buyer will always be the customer / buyer informative message sent by electronic mail to the address in his user account.
12.5 The customer / buyer acknowledges that in the event of cancellation of an event or change in location or date of the event, the Client / Buyer shall only be entitled to a refund of up to a maximum of admission. All service charges, booking fees, handling charges, delivery costs, transaction fees, postage etc.. Shall not be refunded.
12.6. Provider / seller can not in any way a claim for admission purchased online system outside or or its sales network.

13.1. The provider is not related to the customer is bound by any codes of conduct.
13.2. The Parties agreed that the legal relations related to the use website and legal relationships based service contract and the contract of sale shall be governed by Czech law, and to the Civil Code. The Parties have agreed that disputes arising out of legal relationships related to the use website and disputes arising from legal relationships established service contract and the contract of sale shall be resolved by the Czech general courts.
13.3. The provider is authorized to provide services and contracts for the sale of a trade authorization and activity providers are not subject to any other permissions.
13.4. If any provision of TC invalid or ineffective, or such happens, the invalid provision a provision whose meaning is invalid provision as close as possible. The invalidity or unenforceability of one provision is without prejudice to the other provisions. Changes and amendments to the contract of service or TC must be in writing.
13.5 Contract for the provision of services including TC is archived provider in electronic form and is not publicly accessible.
13.6. Contact details: or

13.7. The company's head­quarters BOHEMIA TICKET s.r.o. is not possible to purchase tickets.

In Prague on July 1, 2014 BOHEMIA TICKET s.r.o.